Integral Institute Australia is pleased to host the following presentation by Gerard Bruitzman, drawing on the leading thinkers and advocates in integral ecology:

Working for Integrative Responses to Climate Change


An integrative practitioner increasingly takes into account diverse interacting perspectives (the What of an ontology x the How of an methodology x the Who of an epistemology) of an phenomena, such as climate change. In this presentation, we use Sean Esbjorn-Hargens and Michael Zimmerman's Integral Ecology, to look at twelve niches of reality, Ken Wilber's Integral Methodological Pluralism to look with eight zones of inquiry, and Don Beck's Spiral Dynamics Integral to look from eight eco-selves. An integrative response to climate change acknowledges the play of all of these variables, and more, including the Divine Mystery that transcends and holds the plays of interacting perspectives altogether.

The ideas expressed are those of the respective authors.

See also the following paper by Sean Esbjorn-Hargens for a much deeper dive into the issues raised here:


Working for Integrative Responses to Climate Change

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