This important paper pointed out by Gerry Bruitzman, with thanks:

Here is a link to Ken Wilber's latest paper: Trump and a Post-Truth World on the relaunched Integral Life website. (To access it, email address or an Integral Life membership required.)

In it, Wilber points out how Google's search algorithms lead to some wildly outrageous results, such as "women are evil".

He explains the unhealthy ways many people see "truth", as only located in local contexts, as just social constructions, and as aperspectival madness leading to nihilism and narcissism, and how this marginalises the truth of facts, the truth of objective science, and the truth of universal truths.

He also explains how these and many other factors have contributed to Trump becoming president. He also points out the ways facts, objective science, and universal truths are not so important for Trump. Heaven help us!!!

Wilber also explains how we can work to turn the flow of evolution towards wisdom and compassion. How to change our nightmares into just bad and even good dreams during Trump's presidency.

Wilber on Trump and a Post-Truth World

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