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On Stimulating Dialog in the Integral Community – Some Thoughts

Integral Institute Australia has been very quiet, way too quiet, for rather a long time now. There have been some important reasons for this, but the current directors, myself included, are determined to end this state of affairs. To that

A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries by Terry Patten

A New Republic of the Heart is an authentic guide to wise and compassionate integral evolutionary activism that faces fully our painful ecological and social crises. This book has been called "required reading for all humans over the age of

Integral Facilitation Workshop: IIA Member Discount

From time to time, for your information,  we alert you to significant integral events in Australia or New Zealand. Here is another for your consideration, run by Certified Integral Coach and Certified Integral Facilitator Marc-Andre Langlais. He is brilliant trainer

Presentations on 'Making Good Happen' by Robin Wood

Gerard Bruitzman has also passed on the following presentation by Robin Wood on his new book 'Making Good Happen': Making Good Happen And a YouTube video presentation: Here also is a short introduction: In Making Good Happen, Robin Lincoln

Urban Hub 7 : Visions & WorldViews 3 – Thriveable Cities, by Paul van Schaik

Gerard Bruitzman has passed on the above pdf book by Paul van Schaik, downloadable here: Urban Hub 7 : Visions and Worldviews 3 - Thriveable Cities From the author: This book is one in a series of presentations for the

'Change of Climate, Change of Culture' by Gerard Bruitzman

Integral Institute Australia is very pleased to host Gerard Bruitzman's latest integral offering, an exposition of many core integral themes entitled 'Change of Climate, Change of Culture: Change of Climate, Change of Culture

Wilber on Trump and a Post-Truth World

This important paper pointed out by Gerry Bruitzman, with thanks: Here is a link to Ken Wilber's latest paper: Trump and a Post-Truth World on the relaunched Integral Life website. (To access it, email address or an Integral Life membership

Worldcentric Guardians Using Integrative Dynamics in Our Current Crises

Integral Institute Australia is pleased to host the following further presentation by Gerard Bruitzman: Worldcentric Guardians Using IntegrativeDynamics in Our Current Crises

Processing the Wreckage: Responding to Trump

Sad, angry, furious, in shock, dumbfounded, numb, depressed and so it goes... So may of us are and have been experiencing these very uncomfortable feelings these last couple of weeks, as we  try to get our minds and emotions around

Integral European Conference 2016 Opening Address by Dennis Wittrock

Dear friends, I feel blessed to be able to welcome you to this second Integral European Conference. My own history with integral reaches back 16 years now when I first picked up a book by Ken Wilber and got introduced