A well connected and growing group of Integral communities in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific region with at least 1,000 registered supporters by 31 December 2015.



To inform, inspire and support individuals, communities and organisations who find value in Integral theory and life practice.


What we value and believe


Everyone has a bit of the truth

(Honouring all ways of knowing)

No matter who you are, or where you come from, everyone has at least a bit of the truth in any given situation. We want people, communities and organisations to identify their truth and be open to the truths of others. We like to foster the integration of these truths to frame more inclusive and expansive perspectives.


Seeing more perspectives creates empathy

(Wisdom and compassion)

Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes may be painful or inspiring, and usually enlightening. Either way, when we experience another perspective we open up the possibility of a deeper capacity for wisdom and compassion. 


A good map of the territory is invaluable


A good map won’t solve all your problems, but it sure helps navigate the territory better than a poor one. Integral theory and practice offer possibly the most comprehensive map of human experience, while at the same time encouraging us all to review and improve that map.


We stand on the shoulders of giants

(Transcend and include)

Science, religion, philosophy - all human endeavour, has progressed from the work of our predecessors, continues through our work, and will be improved on by those who follow.

The Integral approach provides a 21st century appreciation of what has gone before us, encourages awareness of what is present and engagement with what is emergent.


Creating and supporting communities nurtures us all

(We are one)

We can now participate in a local tribe at the same time as we participate in the global community.

Nurturing happens at all levels and we want to provide forums, events, groups and hang-outs that support ideas, passions, and explorations. We love helping a wide range of people discover who they really are in their clarity, complexity, ambiguity and need to connect.


It’s good to know and important to enact


Tools, maps and experiences facilitate growth, but the rubber hits the road with enactment – the embodiment of awareness, compassion and skilful means. It can’t be pretended and requires knowing to be integrated with action.

Change comes from here. It supports lives of greater richness, increasing depth and different ways of knowing. And our connection with others then becomes an authentic expression of our embodiment.


2 thoughts on “Vision, Mission & Values

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    August 20, 2016 at 11:41 pm


    We are enlisting our kids to BIS primary school and they have presented the integral model to us and run workshops about it. Is there a connection between Australian integral institute and BIS or is it a mere coincidence they picked Ken Wilbur’s philosophy for their teaching model?

    Thank you

    • Avatar
      August 21, 2016 at 8:52 am

      Hi Izidor

      I had not heard of the BIS school before now, and we at IIA certainly have no official connection to it, but that does not make it a mere coincidence that the picked Wilber’s philosophy. The fact that there is an Australian Integral Institute at all, and that lots of people and organisations (many of whom, like BIS, we have no knowledge of) are adopting versions of integral theory and practice is testimony to the power and usefulness of the approach. Thank you for alerting us to their work!

      Best Regards
      Keith Price
      IIA Director


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