Gerard Bruitzman has passed on the above pdf book by Paul van Schaik, downloadable here:

Urban Hub 7 : Visions and Worldviews 3 - Thriveable Cities

From the author:

This book is one in a series of presentations for the use of Integral theory or an Integral meta-framework in understanding cities and urban design. Although each can stand alone, taken together they give a more rounded appreciation of how this broader framework can help in the analysis and design of thriveable urban environments.

Key to an Integral approach to urban design is the notion that although other aspects of urban life are important, people (sentient beings), as individuals and communities, are the primary ‘purpose’ for making cities thriveable. All other aspects (technology, transport & infrastructure, health, education, sustainability, economic development, etc.) although playing a major part, are secondary. Other books in this series are available in various formats at Amazon or

Urban Hub 7 : Visions & WorldViews 3 – Thriveable Cities, by Paul van Schaik

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