Gerard Bruitzman has also passed on the following presentation by Robin Wood on his new book 'Making Good Happen':

Making Good Happen

And a YouTube video presentation:

Here also is a short introduction:

In Making Good Happen, Robin Lincoln Wood introduces "Six Pathways to a Thriving Future: 1. Values and Visions. 2. Human Development. 3. Thriveable Economies. 4. A Flourishing Biosphere. 5. Resilient Habitats. 6. Circular Manufacturing and Mobility, in an easy to understand way. The Six Capabilities unfold logically, starting with our ability to SEE (beyond horizons), to be able to FEEL (embodying our impulses toward goodness), to TOUCH (resonating and connecting with others and inspiring them to join us on the journey), to MEASURE (articulating more precisely how much goodness we are bringing into the world), to REINVENT (designing and delivering the initiatives and breakthroughs that bring this goodness alive) and SCALE (learning form what worked well and translating that into other contexts to produce more of the same outcomes).

In order to move beyond incremental to synergistic and systemic innovation in most of our large organisations, cities and socio-economic systems, we need a better map and operating system for transformation. Making Good Happen provides you with both in an easy to read, practical way with exercises to test your knowledge and help you on your way. This short yet powerful book is designed to help you put into practice the approaches and tools that help make good happen within the pathways to a thriving future for us all: six pathways and six capabilities that you will need to make good happen, and begin your journey to good now.

Presentations on ‘Making Good Happen’ by Robin Wood

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