The following two excerpts are from a February 3, 2010 letter to our board by Robb Smith, CEO Integral Institute Global:

“I am writing today to grant “Integral Institute Australia” the status of representing “Integral Institute Global” in Australia on a probationary basis in order to conduct a thorough process of II-sanctioned in-country research.  This research will be designed to solicit critical feedback from multiple stakeholders throughout Australia who are current or prospective integral community participants, sponsors, scholars, practitioners, providers and teachers.  In short, we are endorsing the idea that if Australia is going to be the first true formally-recognized international chapter of Integral Institute Global, we need the on-the-ground data to inform the most appropriate form, function and relational status of II Australia.”

“I will ask that II Australia keep II Global apprised of progress and that the plan and project managers for the market consultation process make the process transparent by allowing anyone from around the integral community in Australia to offer feedback and see the results of the aggregate research at key milestones as they are reached.  Ken and I both believe that this approach is preferred because it allows Integral Institute Australasia and others to publicly and explicitly provide feedback into the overall recommendation so the broadest organizational synthesis might be achieved.  Dissent can also be viewed, weighed and accepted, rejected or integrated.”

Importantly, in order to best ensure the quality of our efforts meets the high and entirely reasonable expectations of the Integral Institute, other key requests have also been communicated.  The most critical one, which relates to our scope of activity and the process we use is as follows, again quoted directly from Robb’s communication:

“We all know it is a challenge, and one I’m sure we all gratefully relish.  Therefore, we value patience, discernment and embodied method over speed, shortcuts or building flurried energy for the sake of the great states it induces.  This is what has led us to seeking a market exploration process as a logical first step.”



IIA granted the status of representing “Integral Institute Global” in Australia