The Canberra Integral Group: Integral discussion, readings and video and audio presentations, with a focus on Integral Life Practice. Meetings are generally fortnightly, held at member's homes. Recent sessions have ranged from discussions of integral writings by Steve McIntosh, Rob McNamara and others to integral views on terrorism and ISIS to the theory and practice of integral energy medicine as presented by Donna Eden, and much much more! If you would like to come and participate suggestions as to topics most welcome. Email the contact person below to be put on the email notification list

Keith Price
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Canberra Integral News

Wilber on Trump and a Post-Truth World

This important paper pointed out by Gerry Bruitzman, with thanks: Here is a link to Ken Wilber's latest paper: Trump and a Post-Truth World on the relaunched Integral Life website. (To access it, email address or an Integral Life membership

Worldcentric Guardians Using Integrative Dynamics in Our Current Crises

Integral Institute Australia is pleased to host the following further presentation by Gerard Bruitzman: Worldcentric Guardians Using IntegrativeDynamics in Our Current Crises

Processing the Wreckage: Responding to Trump

Sad, angry, furious, in shock, dumbfounded, numb, depressed and so it goes... So may of us are and have been experiencing these very uncomfortable feelings these last couple of weeks, as we  try to get our minds and emotions around

Integral European Conference 2016 Opening Address by Dennis Wittrock

Dear friends, I feel blessed to be able to welcome you to this second Integral European Conference. My own history with integral reaches back 16 years now when I first picked up a book by Ken Wilber and got introduced

Pointing Out Level One

Led by Daniel P. Brown, co-author with Ken Wilber of Transformations of Consciousness, the workshop instructs in pointing out, which is an ancient way of teaching meditation that is firmly grounded in the teacher-student relationship. The teacher offers detailed explanations

The Zen Leader

The following is another significant integral event you may want to consider, led by Ginny Whitelaw, the founder of the Institute for Zen Leadership, a Zen master in the Chozen-ji line of Rinzai Zen, as well as President of Focus

Integral Parenting Workshop

The following is a significant integral event you may want to consider, led by international leaders in Integral Developmental Psychology, Dr. Terri O'Fallon PhD and Kim Barta M.A.: Integral Parenting Flyer

New Book from Alan Watkins - '4D Leadership'

Alan Watkins, who co-authored ' Wicked and Wise' with Ken Wilber, has also written a book looking at leadership though an integral lens. Again our thanks to Gerry Bruitzman for putting together the following information! 4D Leadership

Introducing our first Integral Q & A

One of the initiatives that has emerged since our last newsletter is the idea of recording an Integral Q & A on a topical issue. The topic of our first Q & A is the ‘Transition from Abbott to Turnbull’

Working for Integrative Dynamics in Politics

Integral Institute Australia is pleased to host the following further presentation by Gerard Bruitzman, drawing on the leading thinkers and advocates in integral politics: Working for Integrative Dynamics in Politics Abstract: In an integrative worldview, there are interacting with each