The current Integral Institute Board of Directors as at 24/10/16

Michael Fox - Chairman, Executive Director & Company Secretary

Simon Divecha - Director

Keith Price - Director & Treasurer





Michael Fox                    


Director & Chairman

Michael Fox

Michael discovered Integral theory while consulting with the Integral Leadership Centre, a joint venture between AIM and University of Western Australia.  Michael plays an active role in the Integral community through his position as a Senior Consultant for Integral Development, a consulting firm that uses Integral theory as a basis for designing tools and practices for consulting in leadership and organisational development.

Michael is a registered psychologist and also has an academic background in Management, Theology and the Arts. He is a tutor in Philosophy for the Integral Leadership Institute and teaches programs on Mindfulness and Meditation and Living Integrally.

Michael hopes to contribute to creating a space online, as well as face to face events, where people can share their experiences and learn about Integral theory and practice in a way that is relevant to how we live and work in our part of the world.


Simon Divecha


Simon works on and leads sustainability change initiatives that inevitably display paradoxes, dilemmas and inconsistencies and these discontinuities led him to integral theory. Simon has explored sustainability as a CEO, a business owner, an academic, an activist and an internationalist - spending 20 years leading sustainability programs for international NGOs (such as Greenpeace) and business.

His work includes reforming international law as well as developing local community programs. In business, Simon has facilitated the delivery of sustainability and developed coalitions of (often unlikely) partners to transcend traditional barriers and blockages. He has a PhD on sustainability - individual, business, institutional and global action responses - looking at approaches, catalysts and frameworks to use human knowledge appropriately in the fields over which we can influence.


Keith Price


Keith Price

Keith considers the development and promotion of integral understandings and practices in Australia and beyond to be a core part of his mission in the world, and being on the board would facilitate that greatly.

With a broad spectrum of interests as a philosopher, researcher, teacher, computer scientist and data analyst, integral theory and practice provides the orienting framework for all his work, both unifying and giving connected meaning to the outcomes.

Keith brings 16 years of study of integral theory, highly developed written and oral communication, programming and data skills and extensive experience of both the public and private work spheres. He has undertaken extensive study and self-development in business development and marketing and other areas.

Keith hopes more than anything to help IIA put its work on a firm financial and institutional foundation through the development and promotion of content that greatly helps and grows the integral community in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere in our region.