Ken with Adam, Don and John from IIA
Ken with Adam, Don and John from IIA

We are pleased to report that it’s been an exciting and generative period for Integral Institute Australia (IIA).  Since our formal acceptance as the first international Chapter of Integral Institute in April 2012, we have been actively engaging with our community to develop our Board, Project and Research teams.  We are delighted to be able to share with you the list of active participants within IIA below. Our deepest gratitude goes out to everyone who has stepped up to formally contribute, and to all who have indicated their willingness to be involved.

The revised/expanded Board held its inaugural meeting in late October 2012, with people attending in person and via Skype from three continents and most states and territories of Australia. This was followed by a Board Retreat in Torquay, Victoria, on 25 & 26 January this year, with all Board members making the effort to be there in person. At the retreat, the Board focused on critical topics including our draft Vision, Mission and Values, roles, governance and risk issues, and our community’s expectations of us (and, of course, we had time to enjoy each other’s company, meals together, and the odd glass of wine after hours). The Retreat generated a great deal of rich discussion, richer intentions and tangible activities for us to be focused on as a team.

During day one of the retreat, IIA Chairman, Adam Fletcher, received a letter from Ken Wilber formally confirming our status as the first official international Integral Institute Chapter. A copy of the letter can be read via the link below this update.

We are creating IIA from ‘scratch’, so to speak, and one of our immediate tasks is building the general operating systems required to enable our diverse team to communicate (you know, things like intranet, calendars, policies, procedures, etc.). We are also very conscious on how and when we can begin to more actively and regularly engage and respond to the feedback we have already received from our broader Integral community. So do watch this space, as we now plan to update, involve and communicate with everyone more regularly.

We are excited about the future steps, and inspired by what we might contribute to our communities together as we grow and develop Integral Institute Australia.


7th March 2013 Update