To our supporters,

I expect that you are looking forward to viewing the draft final report for the proposed establishment of an Integral Institute chapter in Australia.

In terms of timing, our limited resources have unfortunately delayed the process beyond what we had expected as a target deadline, so we are sending this update. The (draft) report delivery date has been pushed back to 31st March. We realise this is now a number of weeks passed our initial time frame and we apologise for the delay.

We are happy to report that we have been granted Deductible Gift Recipient / Not-for-profit  status by the federal Australian Tax Office, allowing any potential donors to receive tax considerations for any money donated to the research arm of the Institute.  We trust that in the coming months this will expand our resources base substantially.  More on this in the report.

In closing, thank you once again for your support, and for your patience.
We are confident that the wait will indeed be worth it and we are looking forward to bringing more supporters on line in a much more engaged way than has previously been possible within the scope of our current research mandate from the US.

Best wishes,
(on behalf of the Board of the Integral Institute Australia)

28th March 2012 Update