After more than two years of engagement, I am very pleased to be sending you news that the final draft of the Integral Institute Australia consultation report is available, click here to download the report. This has been sent to Ken Wilber and Robb Smith at Integral Institute, and they will be reviewing it in parallel with you. We are very keen to hear your feedback, especially about the draft Vision, Mission and Values statements included in the report. We would ask that you please provide us with feedback by close of business on Friday the 27th of April, or that if you can't for any reason but plan on sending feedback that you please email me at let me know when to expect a message from you.

We are optimistic that our request to become the officially sanctioned chapter of Integral Institute in Australia will be granted, and we will let you know as soon as we have news. Once we finalise the report, and assuming our request for official status is granted, our next step will be to make a call for nominations, for capable and passionate individuals to join the refreshed IIA Board of Directors. Three of the current Directors will remain - Don Adlam, Bob Millar and me - and Jennifer Gidley and John Wood will step down. While their inspired candour will be missed, their departure will allow for a significant amount of new energy and capability to step up for the exciting next phase of IIA.

Thank you for your continued interest, contribution and support.

Adam Fletcher
Integral Institute Australia

16th April 2012 Update